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Re:Fresh Podcast - Episode 12 - Good Luck With The Apocalypse.

Shit, I apparently forgot to post this. I am an awful blogger. Sorry.

Hello, let us welcome you to 2012. What will happen this year? A Mayan apocalypse? Will be be turned to tang in Third Impact? Will the US provoke Iran into a conflict and end everything in a thermonuclear war? Will we consume all the earths resources and watch modern technology decay and become useless? All of these are possible. But, who cares? Cause it’s time for Re:Fresh! We have our favorite picks of 2011, news about SOPA, nativity scenes in California, crooked cops, and Occupy is building a social network for the 99%. We all might not live to see 2013, but at least you have Re:Fresh.




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Overpopulation is a serious issue. Doug Stanhope explains how “sodomy is eco-friendly and abortion is green”.

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